Cutting Edge Fundraising Ideas with Scratch Cards

If you are looking for new fundraising ideas, you'll be delighted to discover scratch cards. Scratch cards are the newest fundraising craze! This new fundraising idea can earn your group up to 90% profit without the hassle of traditional fundraisers.

Is your fundraiser getting old?

Need new fundraising ideas? Selling the same products year after year can definitely stagnate your fundraising sales. What makes it worse is when other schools and groups in your area are also selling the same fundraisers as you. Overpriced gift-wrap and candy fundraisers are often quick to take their toll on your supporters.

Are you tired of handling fundraising products?

Placing your order, handling fundraising products...isn't that a blast?! If you have already been a fundraising organizer you know what mess a 'simple' delivery can become. If you didn't ask for the pre-sorting service, you now realize that you are in really big's time to sort every product by what each child sold, and you don't have 2 weeks to do it! Missing items, broken items- it's time to make another call to the fundraising company...

Do you sometimes feel you're ripping off your fellow supporters?

Have you ever sold a small holiday ornament for $15 knowing you can probably find it in the discount store for just a few bucks. Let's face it- it's no fun feeling guilty about selling overpriced fundraising products, especially to those who are supporting your very own fundraisers. All it leads to is disgruntled supporters and a big fat 'NO' next time you ask for their donation. Offer your supporters good value for their money and they will come flocking to support your fundraisers.

All that fundraising and you've only raised how much?

If you're going to put all that effort into fundraising, you want to make sure that you're net profit at the end of your fundraiser is as high as possible...right?! After pre-sorting fees, paying the reps commissions, prize programs and a near nervous breakdown, are you happy with the money that's left?

NOW, imagine this...

... a fundraiser that slices though all the hassle and delivers unparalleled profits for your organization. Fundraising that involves no product to handle, no large inventories, no product distribution or deliveries, no missing or broken items to deal with... and raises substantially more funds for your group. Would this make your fundraising task just a little easier?

It's Time To Do Scratch Card Fundraising!

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